Course Work


Scenic Painting:


Faux texture study:

3ft x 7ft

Paint on Muslin

**Reference and Progress Photos.

Large Scale study:

3ft x 8ft

Paint on Muslin


**Reference and Progress Photos.


Lighting Design:

Lighting Design and Programming to the song "blu" by Jon Bellion.

Featuring the Original Chreography and Dancing of Lauren Crandall

ADv. Theatre Graphics:


Conceptual Lighting Design of Hamlet

Costume Design:


Conceptual Costume Design for a Dance Solo:

PF Redndering 1.png

Conceptual Costume Design for Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Hedwig Top of Show

Hedwig top.png

Yitzhak Top of Show

Yitzhak Beginning.png

Hedwig  End of Show

Hedwig End.png

Yitzhak  End of Show

Yitzhak End.png

Sound Design:

Recreation and mix of all audio compoents of  the trailer for the Netflix Original Bandersnatch

Original Composition and video. 

Made in collaboration with Julia Schack.

Personal Artwork: